How To Pack a TV For Moving

When moving to a new home, the most crucial part of the process is ensuring that all your belongings are well secured, and your flat screen probably tops the list when it comes to fragile items. While successful moving can seem like a huge undertaking, it does not have to be.

Today, we will take you through some easy life hacks that will help you in getting your precious flat screen TV to its new home with near-zero struggle, and more importantly, no damages. With the tips below, it is so much easier to pack and move your flat screen, seeing to it that it gets to your new home in perfect shape.

Prepare Your Flat Screen

You need to remove any power cords, extensions, peripherals, and accessories. This is the very first step, and while it may seem irrelevant, it is crucial. You do not want to leave cords and wires plugged in, lest they break in their ports, causing even more undesired damage. Additionally, it is very easy to trip on cables, and they can lead to severe physical injury in case of a fall. The best way to get this done is in some easy steps:

  • Unmount the TV if it is still mounted
  • Clean the TV thoroughly using a microfiber piece of cloth
  • Unplug the cords one at a time, while labeling them in a neat and orderly manner
  • Put the wires away in a clear bag or moving box together with other such-like components
  • If your TV has a broad base, unplug it too as it may be too bulky to fit into the TV's original box
  • Pack other hardware including the remote controls, decoder box, base, etc. together and be sure to label this box

Wrap The TV & Secure It Using The Claddings In Its Original Box

Most flat screens are quite fragile, and you wouldn't want to handle yours in the wrong way, only for it to get to your new home wrecked and damaged. There are so many things you could use to wrap it up; a thick blanket, foam/bubble wrap, a sheet, or even furniture pads.

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Take your time to wrap the flat screen, ensuring that it is fully covered even at the corners. Secure the wrap with some stretch plastic wrap to ensure that everything stays in place. Secure the TV into its box. Be sure that you use the right packaging material to secure the flat screen in its box further to ensure that it does not keep shifting inside the box.

Load The TV On Your Moving Truck

While it may seem like our work is already done here, there is yet another crucial step; loading the TV to the moving truck or vehicle of choice. The best way of going about this is by loading it in an upright position, in between sturdy objects such as the dresser or a mattress.

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Most moving companies recommend that you label the fragile items to ensure that the porters can handle them with care when loading and unloading.

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