How To Tape Moving Boxes

Whether you're moving for a new job, a new lover, or a new home, there is nothing more frustrating during the moving process than to have your belongings scattered on the street due to an improperly assembled moving box. Follow these steps used by many-a- moving company to make sure this common moving frustration does not bog you down!

Step 1: Choose a Good Quality Moving Box

This may seem silly, but choosing a good quality moving box really does make a difference. If you have opted to use a moving company to transport your vaulables, it is especially crucial to select new boxes and avoid using old, worn, or questionable moving boxes. After all, a good tape job is only as good as the box being taped!

Step 2: Keep Your Flaps Down

Experts in the moving arena agree that folding your moving boxes with the top flaps out can significantly impact the strength of your box. It also helps keep the box straight and square for better "pack-ability".

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Step 3: Tape in the H Style

With the bottom of your moving box face up, fold in the short sides first then the long sides second. Place a single piece of packing tape across the long seam, leaving about 2" tails on each end. Place pieces of packing tape on the short sides with no overhang on either sides. Press the tape firmly into the box for a good seal. Failure to establish this seal results in a moving box that lacks strength

Step 4: Double It Up!

If you're doing some office moving, especially those heavy books, it's a good idea to double up on the tape. Repeat step 2 for additional strength. And if you're still concerned about the integrity of the seams, place a few bands of packing tape in any exposed areas, again using 2" tails on both ends of the bands.

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Step 5: Finish Strong

Once all your valuables are packaged in the moving box, you will need to fold the top flaps down in a similar fashion to bottom flaps. Avoid overstuffing the container which would result in bulging or sagging of the sides or top. Taping using the H method is just as critical here as there are no guarantees that either a careless friend or moving company employee won't accidentally turn the moving box upside down during handling or transport! Remember to finish strong, and you will be sure that all your hard work done on the bottom will be reinforced on the flip side.

As simple as this one aspect of moving is, it's important to pay attention to the basics. All it takes is a slip of the hands or an overly zealous helper, and some of life's most precious memories could be lost forever. By following these few simple tips, you too can have a successful moving experience!

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  1. It’s a great point that you should avoid over packing boxes so that the items aren’t ruined. My sister is trying to take her items to a local storage unit. That way, she can still access her items in the future, but she doesn’t need to worry about them at her own house.

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